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By sending us an email, you agree to us replying to the email address that you have given us. Our reply may not be completely confidential if you share an email address at home or at work, as the National Debtline/Business Debtline address may be automatically recorded in your email address book

National Debtline / Business Debtline will record the information you have provided on our database if you have consented to us doing so. We do this so we can give you follow up advice if you need to contact us again, so we can collect statistics and for training and quality purposes. The information will be kept strictly confidential


If you don't mind us storing the personal information from your email on our database, please select the "Yes" option below. You can change your mind and ask to remove your details from the database at any time - simply write to us or give us a call. If you select the "no" option, we will still respond to your email. However, the personal information in your email will not be added to our database or used to update any record that you already have with us.

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